The Framing Process

It’s your Art, it’s our Masterpiece.
It’s your Art, it’s our Masterpiece. How do we make that happen?   In choosing mat and frame styles, we draw inspiration from the piece to be framed.

Art inspiration from

Decor Inspires

The process is enhanced when the customer can provide additional details as to the home decor, wall colors, furniture, accents, lighting and even sun exposure.  For example, you may not want to put a dark colored mat on a dark colored wall.  Keep these elements in mind and please feel free to bring in your home's color swatches or pictures along with your art.  

Protect Your Art and Memories

Remember, framing is the conservation of your art and memorabilia.  If it's worth framing, it's worth framing it right using acid free mats and conservation glass, which are our STANDARD products.  

Acidic materials will not only look dingy after a short period of time, they will also chemically burn your art work.  Exposing the art to light without the use of UV glass will fade the colors: reds turn crimson, greens turn teal, blacks turn gray.  We offer the latest in conservation materials and techniques.  For the art that has been damaged, we can recommend paper and photo restoration services.

Capping the design is the beautiful frame. Choose from hundreds of timeless classics and innovative modern style frames. Again, quality is important. We only deal with wood frames and metal frames because plastic and composite frames break and "aren't worth the paper they're printed on".

Design is Priceless... & Free

Finally, the proper design is priceless, and still free at our stores.  We aim to create a timeless composition that will be stylish years down the road. You would not believe how many times customers have come in with a plastic coated silver frame with a pink and teal mat combination (done in the 80's) and said, “What were we thinking?”

Create A Timeless Style

Check out the links to and for a sample of our frame selections.  For art inspiration, browse through our Memorable Works, as well as, Artissance   Keep us in mind when ordering Art - we can usually get is for less from the major art housing websites.